Sunday, May 16, 2010

Addition is the Mission

We had been pondering the idea of enlarging the garden a bit this year, but no one was looking to go crazy with a lot of hand digging or roto-tilling grass, especially in case we end up moving this year.

So we decided to try out the bagged soil idea from this month's Mother Earth News. 25 bags of organic Gardener & Bloom planting mix was acquired and placed by Moose this weekend. Ugly? Yes, but will hopefully it will be just what we need to produce some extras this year to keep us in basil, tomato sauce, peas, and greens through, most of the year to come. I am thinking me might be able to disguise the plastic with some straw later? Cookie Monster and I planted two bags just tonight with snap peas. We're not going crazy with the corn this year...just one packet. Only 2 zucchinis. Trying to focus on winter squash this year too. Things that can be frozen or canned.

This week, I'm hittin' it: planting everything but the 'maters and peppers. Our weather has been so great the last few days! It's truely a text book year for NW gardening so far.

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  1. Hummmm...Let me know how it goes. Extra places to plant and not so much work!



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