Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Embrace the Camera::Day 3

Yesterday i found a cute blog with a wonderful message and sweet challenge for the week. Embrace the Camera is an idea thought up by this lovin' mama who thinks there should be more pictures in the world of mamas with their babies. Funny, as i was just looking over our pictures so far from the year and had the same thought. Mom's Day is the only time i can find pictures of me with Cookie Monster--the rest of the pictures break down into 1% Daddy and, 0.5% Chickens, and 98.5% are just of thee ol' herself. Where's the justice?

And while it is true that us mommas would love to live in a world where women always looked fresh from the hairdresser, like in an episode of Mad Men, it just can't be. (Thank Goodness housecoats from then were a fad and not a staple today!) Sometimes, we're just lucky enough to get a shower or coffee in a day--nevermind what happens when you actually get both in one day! Hallelujah! The important thing for us to remember is when all is said and done, the kids will want pictures to show how they remembered seeing us, right? Not how the hired photographer sees us once a year, eh?
So even though we are starting midway through the week, it is important none-the-less that we get these pictures ...

These are the days!!

And not only will i be leaving a hard drive full of everyday pics for to show her kids, but also i feel it is important to pass along majour lifelong lessons, i.e. taste in one's music and kindness to those we admire who share their talents.

Introducing the kiddos to artists like U2, Johnny Cash and the like now, hopefully keeps them from listening to scrappy or bubbly "Idol rejects" later.


  1. thanks for joining in!
    loved the picture today :)

  2. fun pic! saw your link on emily's...

  3. Good shot!! You do a really nice job of photography. Go to Sunday Stills

    Sign up Its easy, just follow the challenge and on Sunday do a post and leave a comment at Sunday Stills under the challenge to let folks know you are up. The challenge for this coming sunday is potluck, so just take some interesting shots and on Sunday or Saturday night just post. We also do macro monday the same way but there are no challenges. Just go to Sunday Stills and see what others have done.


  4. Great post ~ how true it is! Personally, I am loving this challenge. Fun picture!


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