Saturday, May 29, 2010

Exactly Five Days

Remember last Sunday during the garden tour, when in talking about the new fence i wrote,
"....we'll see how long it takes a chicken's pea brain to figure out
if they strut down the driveway and hop up the retaining wall,
they could be up to their waddles in earthworms and fresh greens?"
Well, i happen to have the answer for you.
It takes 7 stinkin' chickens exactly 5 days to crack the mystery of the unfinished fence. While making pizza for dinner last night, i thought i would share some of the grated cheese with those little stinkers. They did give us 7 eggs yesterday, after all. Gotta keep those girls happy, you know?
Out the deck door, i could see a couple from the Blue Egg Team on the wrong side of the fence, so i thought my timing for a treat couldn't be more perfect. Walking down into the garden, i discovered they weren't the only Naughty Nellies.
Oh no! The two perfect heads of broccoli? Gone. Plants uproots and stripped bare.
Ei yi ei! The nice and tidy hay paths?!? Covered with dirt that i coincidently had just planted a whole packet of lettuce seed in. Grrrrrr.
Not the cauliflower!!! Oh yes, the cauliflower. DOA (devoured on arrival).
So, long story short, they're still lucky to be living today. :o)
Hopefully they'll lay another 7 eggs again today.
If they know what's good for them.

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