Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Like Cookie Monster says, "Ah! This. Is. The. Life!"

Around 9 this morning, i was readying for the possible visit by a dear friend at lunch. Determined not to let the state of my wreck, er, home, stress me out, i set about deciding whether to make quiche or soup for lunch.

Going out to recess the chickens always helps me think, so out i went to try a little experiment in letting the girls recess themselves in the morning. Last time i tried it, we returned to the coop to find a squirrel emerging from the coop with a chicken feed moustache. Upon opening the door, i found two things: Mama chicken is broody again (oy!) and three of the little gals and one big gal had left their eggs for the day in the corner already. Hooray!

So, i gathered the eggs and went back inside...the decision seemingly made for me: because who would elect to make soup with 4 "Fresh from a chickens' bottom" eggs in their hands?

Now, to figure out what to put in the quiche was my second thought. We had some bacon and cheese left over from last week. Ooh, and the spinach in the garden was looking mighty fine. With a colander and some shears, out i went to fight the biddies for some of the spinach.

Simple as that. What a glorious reward for your effort to be able to grab eggs from your hard working chickens and spinach from your garden and in an hour have a wonderful meal to serve anyone. That's a real feeling of accomplishment, i tell you!


  1. It is a wonderful feeling! Everyone should get to experience it... so good for your little one that she's getting to live that way so soon in her life.

  2. I'll be there tomorrow at noon!!!


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