Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today we planted 5/1/10 edtion:

My patience is wearing thin. This house hunting is becoming absolutely unbearable. Especially because there is no new meat on the market. I am getting so tired of waiting for something worth while to pop up so that we can go look at it. But i am getting even more frustrated with stagnant plans of producing our own food.

So i bothered Moose this weekend about acquiring more edibles. One of the things i really dispise about our yard is that it is one huge slope, but especially steep is a part on the west side near the neighbour's hedge there that seemingly only grows dandelions. I hate mowing dandelions....on slopes...especially when you have to dodge prickly blackberry vines growing out of the hedge.

We've had such success with our raspberry patch in terms of killing the grass in this area and productivity, that we decided we would try a few more berry plants there. I purchased a couple more Bluecrop blueberry shrubs today for the slope. I'm thinking it might be nice to have some marionberries too.

Moose also cleaned out a little of the remaining cross garden area, and planted another huckleberry there. Man, the birds are going to love us this year. The bees are already singing our praises. :o)
In other gardening news, i can apparently start seeds with some amount of success. Out of the 12 saucy tomatoes and 12 purple cherokee seeds i started back in Feb, i have 4 saucy toms and 4 cherokees. I think next year, it would be a better idea to start them in early Feb and plant more of them--well, more of the sauce toms anyway. I started 12 cocozelle zucchini, 6 delicata squash, 6 sweet meats, and 4 black beauty zucchini with great success...all came up, so i culled a few the other day when transplanting.
I also have some thoughts of those seed trays i tried this year. Thumbs down for the trays when you are trying to start seeds that will make great gains quickly. So, i think i would reserve those for planting flower and herb seeds like basil, chives, african daisies, swan river daisies, calendula, alyssums, etc. Instead, i found these great 4 inch pots made of bamboo (in the photo above) that come in a great array of colours. In the sales material, it says that if the pot is used all year, maximum life expectancy is 3 years and after that it is compostable. So i figure with me using them only for seed starting, they should last practically indefinitely. :o) These make much better vessels to start something like the squashes, cukes, and toms in, i think. Plenty of room for the new little developing roots to stretch themselves. :o)

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