Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Stills

An acquaintance of mine recently pointed me in the direction of an internet project called "Sunday Stills", where a gathering of photographers take a weekly challenge delivered by the writer.

People say i am a good photographer, but i say i am only as good as the automatic programming on my camera. :o) It is certainly something i fascinates me. I have been playing with aperture and macro settings though i still haven't a clue as to how they work. ;o)

After pouring through the website however, i was hooked. So this is my inaugural submission to the group. This Sunday's mission: Signage

These signs can be found within in neighbourhood. As you can see, our neighbourhood could be one of the coolest around if we could just embrace our vintage-y goodness!

The local burger-teriyaki joint

Our neighbourhood happens to have an amoury in it, so this sign is
rather fitting of this weekend.

However, maybe a sign that is more telling of the times, are these types of signs littered up and down the streets of Anyhood, USA.


  1. Welcome to Sunday Stills, great shots. Next weeks challenge will be more up to speed. I've been doing this project for over a year now and I'm glad you decided to join in.:-) Hava great week..Ed

  2. Welcome to Sunday Stills. Hope to see ya again next Sunday with some black and white shots. I'd love to have some of those fish n' chips. :)

  3. Nice set of picture, welcome to Sunday Stills.

  4. welcome! I enjoyed your pics of the logos!

  5. Welcome to the Sunday Stills challenge. Very unique signs. Hope to see more of your work. I enjoy the Sunday Stills Challenge, because it helps me to work on my photography skills, and to W O R K at my photography on a regular basis.


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