Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Friends

Well, as you can see, i am trying to add a little more structure to my blog. And since i've started Sunday Stills, which i love soooo much (thank you, Linda!!), i need to move my garden tour. I'm thinking Tuesday's Garden Tour sounds kinda catchy. :o) So i'll start that next week. That'll give Mother Nature another 6 days to turn off the faucet here in Seattle. :o\ And it'll give me some time to get things cleaned up out there.

Our yard is a hot mess now. Last November we realised that we had been leaking gallons and gallons of water all summer long from the line that runs into our house. We thought it was all going toward the garden, when actually it was watering the ground beneath the chicken coop.

Then last week, we received another water bill that was higher than anything last summer, so thankfully we would fix it now instead of wasting all that water all summer again. Moose and i scoured the yard looking for something resembling an outdoor pool--water was leaking at 500 gallons a day more than we usually use in a day. Our yard is about 200' long, with the water line running about 110' from the street to the house. Moose spent a couple days digging along the line looking for anything. Finally, my dad had the idea that maybe the water was leaking into some sort of foundation protecting-gravelly vault for run off type thingy. Needless to say, when they found it, we could have just dug it out and put in a ladder off the kitchen and had an accessible jacuzzi. ;o) And now, there are tons of trenches to fill in within the yard. The chickens are not pleased--a few of them have fallen into them. :o) This week then will be spent filling trenches and replanting grass seed between rainstorms.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of the new friends we've seen about the yard. Don't you just love Springtime!?!

Obviously, some Flicker mama told the kids to go play in the street....

or as Moose would say, "Crazy Saturn drivers!"

Cookie Monster thought it was neat that we had robins hanging about the yard on the day see had to leave for recital practice. Her number in the show? Rockin' Robin.

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  1. One thing about the rain --- it makes everything GREEN!

    Lovly post!



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