Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Stills :: History: pre-1950

This week's Sunday Still's Challenge is to photograph something at least 60 years old. In a perfect world, i would have had time to photograph some older homes south of here, however last week was the week for playdates and ....

So you will see parts of my pharmacy bottle collection instead. :o)
Below is the bottle that started it all--freshly admitted to the local pharmacy tech program in Northern ID in the late 90's, my mom and i cruised through some antique stores and i found this gem. It's from Osseward's Pharmacy in Seattle. Handwritten label with no date. The only info on the pharmacy Google turns up is a listing in the ERA pharmacy's in 1911.
I believe this to be the oldest bottle i have in my collection of pharmacy paraphernalia.
Next is this great bottle of Dr. Schenck's Syrup.
Once i found an archive of a NYTimes article stating that this gent's business dated back to 1895. I doubt this bottle is from way back then.
Here are some more bottles of "medicines" from pharmacy's early history.

And another prescription bottle from a Portland pharmacy called, "The Owl Drug Co."
The Portland Owl Drug is not listed in the 1911 ERA.
Neither is Clinton Drug Co.

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