Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Stills :: Black & White

...and no archives!
This week was a hard week to capture pictures. Not just because it was torrentially rainy most of the week, but also because we were so busy.
We started the week with a busy Tuesday. We were readying for a lunch party with my in-laws at our house, for my parent's arrival in the evening, and the day happened to be my 35th birthday too.

The next day, my mom and i spent touring a few local nurseries in the area (her birthday present from us.) We had a wonderful lunch at one of the places. I had my camera, so when my iced tea came, i thought, "hey, why not?"

I just love the colour accent feature on my camera!!

Dogwood trees are in full bloom here.

Since it's been so rainy, there has been plenty of opportunity to snuggle with our cat.
She makes such pretty pictures!

Then again, so does my lil' Cookie Monster.

Who was in 4 of the numbers at this year's recital at the local P&R dept.
She's somewhere among the tutus and top hats here.

Ah, there she lil' Irish dancin' fool.

Then the week was done and it was time for church.

All during Mass, i was having a hard time concentrating for want of a more interesting B&W photo for this weekend. Sorry, God. I tried looking around the church for something more than just the shrine to Mary. I feel a little uncomfortable taking pictures in church anyway...
Then on our way home, i was surprised by the gorgeousness of Mt. Rainier as the clouds parted for just a second and the sunset set the slopes ablaze.

Just the photo i was hoping for this week!


  1. Nice pictures, like that last shot too, very nice white background to outline the tree.

  2. Great shots, loved them all..:-)

  3. Happy Birthday! Cookie Monster is too cute. Love the last shot.

  4. Great shots! Did you sign up and let everyone know about your Sunday Stills. They are just awsome!



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