Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday's Garden Tour

Everything's going pretty well in the garden despite all the rain. The last couple days of sun have actually helped the seedlings along. I haven't planted the corn yet, because i am afraid that upon doing so it will rain until August.

This is great weather if you are a beet, carrot, lettuce, pea or potato apparently.

The great bag experiment is swell too!
Even the peppers in the bags seem to be growing well in bags in this cool weather.
Maybe it's the "snake effect"....a garter snake scared the dickens out of me this weekend, hiding over by the peppers. When i screamed, Moose came running...not to see what might potentially be devouring his sweetheart--oh no, but to hunt down the snake of course. ;o)
Me: "Oh my heck, he was 300 ft long and about to gnaw my right foot down to the bone!"
Moose: "Which way did he go?"
ME: (pointed at the tree while rolling my eyes)
Moose: (getting down on all fours to see if crawling under the tree would actual yield his slithery treasured matey.) Gaaaaw!!
The only unlucky plant in the bags are the sweet meats.
Dang slugs are eating all the new growth the plants put out, and i think they finally did them in. Nasturiums are doing great though. Why couldn't the slugs eat them instead?
We're blushin' too...the blueberries are getting a little blue tinge to them and

looks like we'll be up to our ears in razzies soon.
Not much planting happened this weekend other than flowers.
The corn still desparately needs to go in, but the variety i am trying only needs 68 days to mature?! I'm hoping to a warmer week to plant them in.
I've been trying to plant up flowers in the veggie beds to reduce the bare sq. footage to reduce time spent weeding. The zinna seeds i planted on Saturday have sprouted already!?!?!
And to get the other side of the cross garden in shape, i planted these adorable little daisy-ish looking things called Felicia. After i stared at them for a while, i realised they were in the perfect spot as they are paired with the pink poppies, foxgloves, white currant, and purple alliums.

I could just lay here in this spot all day...

apparently like someone else who's been busy in the garden lately.
Maybe she's digging to China?

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  1. Searching for bugs! A good chicken is she! And your yard is doing great! (By the way your house is HUGE!)



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