Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday = Garden Tour

With all the berries around here, you'd think it was summer....

alas, it's still Juneuary around here.

And things ain't looking that great for the 4th, either?
Supposedly, summer will arrive July 5th.
I'll believe it when i see it.

We've had some colourful friends visiting, bring a little wonder and joy to our days...

Gold finch :: photo by Cookie Monster

Thankfully, the dome was closed without a test of the sprinkler system this weekend.
It helped my beloved Moose and i knock some garden chores off our list.
The trellises for the boysenberries and grape are set. A few of the posts i've designed for a little "double duty". On the far right, by the raspberries, we'll be mounting a hummingbird feeder. The one here on the left end we left bigger intentionally for a different kind of little garden accent.

Hopefully, we'll be the proud landlords to a family of chickadees next Spring.

Moose set the tomato stakes too.
They're a little cattywhompous, so Moose refers to them as "The Art Walk".
We'll call that functional & stylish--depending on your angle "Art Deco" even!
One thing is for sure....with all this Juneuary weather around the Sound here, you'd think you were in Ireland. The potatoes and the greens are growin' great guns! I planted the corn. In vain, most likely, as if the weather isn't going to cooperate isn't bad enough, the neighbourhood kitties certainly won't respect a few square feet of fine soil with their "the world is my litter box" mentality.

Where's my cayenne pepper and bbq skewers??

We're having tremendous luck with the cauliflower!
We planted white and "cheddar", and the orange cauli seems to be growing best.

Our flowers seem to be enjoying themselves in the veggie garden,

as well as some unwelcomed guests.

"Intruder alert! Intruder alert! All hands on deck! This is not a test. Repeat. Not a test."
"Code Slime! Code Slime!"
"Uh, Vicki, can i get some help over here?"

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