Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday = Garden Tour

Summer decided to visit for another 5 hours today. :o)

Yesterday, it was only here for two hours. Tomorrow, it will hopefully come back all day, as we are having friends to the house for a majourly overdue playdate. Cookie Monster is bursting at the seams!

Life's the berries around here, you could say....

That is unless you are a hormonal Momma chicken that doesn't have a man around to help her fulfill her life's calling and she has this annoyingly pesky chicken herder that dutifully plucks her from her nest in which there are no babies.

Then life ain't so rosy, you know?

The good news from the garden is that the chickens didn't get the best of my Tango lettuce. The seedlings are sprouting up everywhere (just in time for the hot weather to cause them to bolt...oy!)

My man, Steve Pool (aka local weather guess-caster), says not to worry...the Summer of Lettuce shall return by Thursday with an "unseasonably cool on shore flow." Mr. Pool's minons were also so kind today to point out that it has been 290+ long days since it's been above 75 degrees here in the Seattle area. I never thought i say this, but maybe it's time to move back to AZ. :o)

This is my favourite part of the veggie garden right now.
It makes me look like i know what i am doing. :o)
Actually, this whole bed in the foreground makes us look like rockstars...it's weeded, plants are growing, flowers blooming. What more could you ask for, eh?

Well, can i share a secret? Apparently you can ask for a lot more!!
I found a miracle in the garden too!
Not a single night has it been over 55 degrees, so the tomatoes are ready to pack it in.
But today i found this:


And this little beaut was lounging under the hot cap!

Would you look at that stem??
I grew that from those sad little seedlings i started in Feb!

Still waiting for feathered friends to find my birthday present...

And the coup de gras of the week:

our first harvest of twenty-ten!
4 oz of "Victoria" rhubarb!
Now to figure out what one can make with only 4 oz of rhubarb. :o)

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  1. Rhubarb Ice Cream with marshmallows in it. YUMMM!



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