Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Stills: Got to Get Low to Get High

Currently in Seattle this week, we are experencing the little known month of June-uary. That is to say that it is sorta warm ... ish, like an educated person would reason June to be. However, Mother Nature has been conducting a week long flushing of her sprinkler system and the sky actually seems to get darker rather than lighter upon the sun's rise just as it does here in January. Drat! Tough luck for the photographers in the area, eh?

So as not to bore you with horrid exposure of pictures of seemingly black trees against the grey skies or to save myself from wallowing in mud puddles and slug slime to capture this week's shots, i will have to bust one of my rules i set for myself upon joining the Stillers :: this week i am going to have to dig in my archives to find some worthy pictures to submit to you all. They still adhere to my second rule i set for myself as they are SOOC.

Hoping you aren't experiencing June-uary wherever you may be!




  1. I love Seattle! I really like this last photo of The Space Needle. Very unique perspective.

  2. Great shots. Love the Space Needle. :)

  3. the last photo really caught my attention, it's great!

  4. Nice shots, kinda wierd seeing blue sky in Seattle..;-)


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