Sunday, August 1, 2010

What's Been Keeping Me Busy?

Oh boy, once we returned from the beach, reality kicked in big time!

So what's been keeping me busy?

  1. Moose. His feet aren't healed yet from his sunburn. I am thinking he has a 2nd degree burn on the tops of his feet. After a trip to the doctor, he's medicated up; including a fun sulfa cream (the kind we used to hand out like candy to the burn patients in the hospital) that kills practically anything it comes in contact with. I'm not kidding...the cat is looking a little piqued! :o) Hoping he is well enough to walk around soon. He's going batty just sitting around, staring at his feet.
  2. Chickens. Oy! The chickens. They've ceased laying eggs in their hidden nesting grounds. But, really, 14 eggs to go to waste like that? So Moose helped me with a little research tonight which will lead up to a new post tomorrow.
  3. Cookie Monster. Tomorrow's our official first day of 2nd grade. We begin English by reading excerpts from St. Augustine's "City of God" and move onto Beowulf. Wish me luck.
  4. The Garden. Today i decided i'd give the snap peas the eviction notice. It's been a great year for peas around here. Normally peas succomb to the heat of July (no worries there.) The dwarf ones we grew were supposed to stop at 2 ft. The vines were as tall as my shoulders today (5 ft.) Whew! But i am super nervous of disease--pea enation in this instance, so i ripped them out and cleaned the vines. 2.5 lbs worth of peas! What the chickens don't eat, i'll add to the compost. Tied up the tomatoes again. They are eyeball to eyeball with me, but not many tomatoes yet this year. The plants are finally putting off flowers. I'm really liking the tomato staking this year--bunch the leaves up against the stake, tie with twine. Couldn't be easier! Planted a packet of Little Finger carrots and weeded the brassica bed. Need to head to the local hardware store for some concrete reinforcement sheets to make cloches for that bed. Killed a couple slugs. All in a days work. :o)
  5. Mad Men! Woot! The first episode of season 4 i thought was meh. I did really like the John/Marsha exchange between Peggy and her assistant, although i don't really know why. Is Don Draper ever going to become the white knight i am hoping he'll be? If not, come series end, i could be deeply disappointed.

Speaking of Mad Men. It's almost on. See ya tomorrow!

Here's hoping you had a great weekend!

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  1. My garden is slow. Very slow. Only one tomato!



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