Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*so not* My Kinda Town

Which is worse?  A sword wielding psychopath or our local St. Vincent's thrift?  After I fill you in on the depressing find I found today, i'll let you be the judge.

So, something must be going on in the world of cool old Christmas ornaments, because today, after we painted pottery, we headed to St. vinnie's and about 25 original boxes of Shiny Brights of various sizes and colours in their original packaging for $1.50!  I thought I was in heaven!  Upon closer inspection, I found that someone from St. Vinnie's had used packaging tape across the bulbs themselves to "secure" the bulbs in place.  Problem is, when you take off that tape, say off of a red bulb, you have nothing left but an aluminum coloured bulb and tape with a red film on it.  Ei yi Ei!  I mentioned something to a clerk I saw nearby, but I could tell she didn't care.  Sad.  That's the trouble with kids these days, eh?

Hoping your thrifting this week is going better than mine.  I'm of a mind to stop calling it thrifting and refer to it as historical revitalization. 

I do have a couple really cool things to show you in another post.  Remember, curiosity killed the kitty!

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