Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunday Stills :: Clouds

The probability of you believing this next statement is quite slim, however, we just haven't had many clouds in the Seattle skies here for the past week. This week's challenge was saved by the fact that weather has been so warm in Central WA, that their thunderclouds are visible to us over the Cascade Range.

Unfortunately, the skies haven't been all that blue, as the smoke from the wildfires up in B.C., Canada have been tainting our skies. Last weekend, it blocked part of the sun and we had an orange bowling ball in the sky from 1 in the afternoon till sunset.

Wednesday night, the thunder clouds were really thick and billowy.

Made a pretty scene for the air travellers coming in.

Then Thursday morning, we awoke to this gorgeous sunrise, looking like it

was nestled in a pillow of rainclouds.

I love it when it looks like the sun has set the clouds ablaze!

Care to see clouds from all over the world? Head to Sunday Stills for challenge of the week of Aug 1st.


  1. Very nice, I like the one with the jet..:-)

  2. Beautiful photos; I love towering thunderheads. Love the sun and tree photo.
    Sorry about all our fire smoke, I googled the fires and there were some in Washington and Idaho too, but not nearly as many as here. Raining here now, so your air should clear up!

  3. Wow those are cool! I love the billowing ones and the sun in them as well!

  4. WOW! Those were way cool! The jet was a neat addition and the clouds on fire awsome!



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