Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Stills :: Statues & Figurines

Great timing! My dad's hobby provided the inspiration for my submission this week. He loves watching, photographing, modelling, and breathing anything modern day diesel freight trains. A railfan as some would say, but *true* men with the burning passion for locomotives refer to themselves as "Train Geeks". The coolest having personal license plates stating such. :o)

Thankfully, my dad has a ton of awesome model trains on a layout in a 1/3 of his basement for this week's challenge. Most of these cars and engines he's painted and decaled himself. To my sheer delight he had his original, handcrafted tank car out...if you can read the contents, you're sure to see why it's my all time fav!

This is Dad enjoying what he loves!
Here's to all those train geeks out there!!
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  1. Oh! I love these! They look so real and life like! My Dad loved trains too. He didn't collect them but loved to watch them go by as he sat on his back porch.

    Have a great week!

    From the Heart of Texas
    Statues for Sunday Stills

  2. My husband is a Train Geek too..that is some Bad Shit in the pretty green car..your Dad has a sense of humor! :)

  3. Cool! My boys would love these pics;)!

  4. Nice pictures. Our trains are put away in some box in my dad's garage.

  5. I enjoy seeing what everyone comes up with on SS. It is another side to the window of the blogging posts.


  6. Unique take on figurines! I'm glad there are still train geeks around.


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