Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunday Stills :: Metal

At first, this challenge was causing me a bit of stress.

Then i had a revelation.

There is a piece of metal which is the most important piece of metal in my life: my wedding band.

Moose and i looked at a few stores for wedding bands when we were in the market for them almost 10 years ago. I wanted matching bands, and we settled on some that was "alright" from a mall jeweler.

While i was at our jeweler picking out gifts for my bridesmaids, i saw a couple of rings that had been special ordered for another couple with Celtic designs in them, and fell in love! That evening i talked to Moose about what i saw, and we both decided we needed to order new bands. We like these eternity knots and had the backs inscribed with special messages to each other.

Poor Moose had the daunting task of returning the bands we had previously picked out at the mall jeweler. He said he still feels bad because he went in when a couple of older women were working and just told them "these didn't work out" and he thinks the women thought that i left him at the alter. }:o)

It was just meant to be: the rings to us and Moose and me! :o)


  1. They are just so you!


  2. Very nice, I think we will be seeing lots of these this week..:-)

  3. they are very vintage looking, do you wear them?

  4. Absolutely beautiful. Well done. :)

  5. Nice and simple. I like the look of those rings too.

  6. Great ring, i too admit and really appreciate you said. There is nothing more important than that. :)

  7. Lovely rings. glad you exchanged the rings and not the moose!


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