Saturday, September 18, 2010

Grandma's Linens

Upon thought, i decided that i needed to come up with a system to keep track of our linens for historical purposes, should any of these be around for when Cookie Monster has her own home, she could know who was who's and what was what. :o) Anal? Probably. But it will be another project to keep my fingers busy and away from the new pantry.

So while i am snapping photos for these posts, i am also going to print off the photo and paste it in a comp book with identification marks. :o)

The idea for this came to me from my mom, while i was sharing that i was starting to mix in Grandma's linens with our existing one's in our various storage compartments throughout the house. Good idea, Mom!

Here's a tablecloth of our's that i acquired through an Etsy vintage store. I thought i would be fun to have around when Cookie Monster started studying the Egyptians. We could have a little themed kitchen table. Isn't that funny? I know, i know. I'm so lame, my kid will be screaming and begging to go to public school within 3 years! :o)

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  1. Great IDEA!!! Tell Mom I'm going to do the same!



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