Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Stills :: The Letter S

This-s-s week's post is brought to you by the letter "S", and by the number 4 (because 4 is the number of inches of rain we are over our usual amount of rain we get in S-s-september. Grrr!

I thought i would get a little s-s-silly and create "S" from things that start with the letter.

Seeds on Salt
Then we found s-s-something that begins with "S" on our way home from our farm field trip.

And then i felt like a fool for being s-s-so literal, and i snapped up s-s-some better shots.
(Using my retro camera application on my phonebot i snapped these)
I've been attempting to teach myself to knit a sock.
The thing i will miss the most this Fall..."S"ummer days spent playing in our flip flops. Click here to s-s-see more s-s-super shots from S-s-sunday Stillers.


  1. Well done, love the sock pic..:-)

  2. i like them all! :)

  3. Great photos, one more time!!!

    And your header is AMAZING!



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