Monday, September 20, 2010


I've been finding lots of Pyrex pitchers lately. Most are very atomic age looking, and seemingly hold very small quantities.

I found this one from the 60's or 70's that looks more like a flask, and thought it might make some science experiments fun. :o) Maybe a good Halloween decoration too with a little dry ice in the bottom? Who knows.

This was my most guilt-ridden purchase in Idaho, however upon returning home i've come to adore it. I love copper! Not just because the colour is great but because everytime i see it, it reminds me of my dad (he's an old copper miner from back in the day.)

I found this in the same shop as the Esso tiger cups. This gave me sticker shock at $8, but it's style intrigued me. I basically ran for my life back to the car and headed home to Mom and Dad's before i could purchase it.

Where, of course, it bothered me all night. First of all, it was shiny! :o) Secondly, it seemed to be in really good shape. I really couldn't deny it's charm. The next morning, before heading into Bonner's Ferry, i ran back to the store to get it and the Esso cups.

And i made little plea deals with myself too. If i buy this, i can't thrift for a whole month. And no extras at the grocery either. You know all those silly little things you do with yourself when you know you shouldn't be buying something. :o)

Well, now that i've been cruising the thrift stores at home (we're looking for an old wardrobe unit for our coats now) i've seen at least three of these vessels. St. Vinnie's had a badly tarnished one for $19.99! Goodwill had one with a broken handle for $12.! And a "treasures shop" had one with corrosion for $25.! Deal of the century for me, i'd say. Especially because all the ones i've seen here don't have the little cup in the stand for the Sterno. I haven't been able to find out much about it...some sites say it's a Princess House item, others say it's Corningware. Much more research is needed.

Especially nice, was taking it out of it's wrapping to clean it up and put it away, when Moose noticed it and said, "Woo, that's nice! What do you do with it?"

I love it when that happens! Erases all that guilt over $8. :o)

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