Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday = Garden Tour

It's soggy. It's squishy. It's down right a mess.
Mother Nature seems to be saying, "With 3 tomatoes to harvest, consider yourself blessed!"

I'm back from the trip to Idaho. Feverishly working on a new project and figuring just how it is going to work. The rain has returned, held off yesterday just long enough for Moose and i to enjoy a 4 mile bike ride. Thankfully, he dug up a bunch of german butterball potatoes this weekend. The yukon's didn't look like they did so well this summer. We'll see when we dig the rest up in a couple weeks to a month.

Here are some pictures from the garden from a couple Tuesday's ago that i haven't posted yet.

Cookie Monster received a butterfly habitat for her birthday.
We received the painted lady catapillars in August and
they resided in our living room until we could release them on a warm day.
Here's one on the grapevine.

The only thing different between the garden pictured on August 24th and the garden now is that 8 of the 10 tomato vines have topped the stakes. The winter gardening i had done in the bare area there didn't quite take off like i had planned as i forgot to reattach the garden hose to the drip line after i mowed the lawn. Duh!

There seems to be something hiding in the pumpkin patch (yes, you read that right. Just one.)

And what this is, am i uncertain...maybe a sweet meat squash....maybe a white pumpkin.
Nevertheless, it's sure not to reach it's maturity as the days highs are only in the mid 60's now.

There is also one chocolate bell pepper growing.
And of course, the three tomatoes...
It can't be a good omen that the spiders that we usually don't see until the end of September have started making their home next to the tomatoes at the end of August, eh?
I think i have better get some pots of basil and other herbs going once we turn our heater on.
It can't be Fall already!
I'm not all gardened out yet!

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  1. Those ugly garden spiders are early, that's for sure. I saw one in my yard and thought it was early for us also.



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