Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Stills :: Shoes or Boots

Just returned home this week from visiting family in Idaho. Cookie Monster stayed behind to enjoy a week of Grandma and Grandpa Camp, and Moose and i have big, romantic plans while she's away! Like, turning our hall closet into a desparately needed pantry. Ooh baby! ;o) Sorry, i should've warned you about the adult content that lie within. :o)

I wasn't very sad, especially knowing that C.m. is in good hands, until i took the picture for this challenge. Now, i just keep feeling like i am forgetting something or missing something. Funny, cause i had all these grand plans of things i was going to do in her absence. :o)

Without further ado, my submission: Irish ghillies

Like mother, like daughter 2010

A couple of years ago, i signed up for softshoe lessons. was about 4 then, and occasionally Moose would have a late night meeting that would require me to take C.m. with me to my class. She'd stay with me, intently watching all of us learn our jigs and reels, until Moose's meeting was over; nearly 1/2 the class period. By that time, many of the women in the class would come over and tickle her with their toes while they were hoppin' around. And ever since she's loved Irish dancing. She patiently waited for 2 years to meet the age requirement for the class. This year, she earned her first pair of ghillies and competed in her first feis. She also starts hard shoe next week.

***sigh*** My little girl is getting sooooo big!

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  1. Very cool photo! I like the story that goes with it, too.

  2. Nice b&w picture, the shoes look very soft.

  3. those are interesting dance shoes. I'm sure your little girl is great at it! Kids pick up new things so quickly!


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