Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday = Last Garden Tour 2010

Waaaah! I am so not ready for the season to be done! Especially when this September has been the 4th wettest on record! We've received about 3 inches more rain that we usually receive this month, and supposedly, the reminents of a typhoon from Taiwan is working it's way up the Asian coast and will get sucked into the low pressure system sitting off our coast by weekend.

It's not looking good for the tomatoes. :(

So, in the 2 days of partly cloudy weather we are expected to receive over the next couple days, i need to get all the green fruit off and dig up the carrots.

Here are the last of the garden pictures until Spring 2011.

Onions for overwintering: red rocket and ringmaster.
The only seeds set for fall gardening that the neighbourhood tom cats
didn't foul up with their nuclear waste.

Cosmos and tomatoes--i would definitely make this combination again next year.
They are so beautiful, and the cosmos do a great job of shading out the weeds!
Moose will be happy.
There's brussels to pick!

I'm praying this poppy makes it.
Although, my hopes for saving seeds of anything have be dashed this year, with all the wet.
And the slug trails on things ingestable...like fennel seed. Bleech!

Lots of different wasps and bees this year...
thanks to the companion gardening.
Thankfully, most of Cookie Monster's sunflowers flowered over the last week.
She worked hard sowing and watering them this year.
Unfortunately, one of the mammoths, that were set to bloom this week, was a victim to the wet and dreary weather. I had the thing staked, but apparently it wasn't enough. And now the poor plant is suffering death by slug. Grrr!
Hoping you all have a mild fall and better luck with your fall veggies than we all will have in Western Washington.

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