Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday = Garden Tour

For lunch, i took a wander around the garden yesterday....the signs of summer's demise is all around.
The blueberry bushes are changing colour.

So too is Cookie Monster's birthday tree changing colour, which for the past 7 years has been as reliable as anything that it would blush come the first of November.

And that just makes me so sad, because we haven't really had a summer yet, made evident by the fact that it still looks like early Summer in some parts of the garden.

Poppies are blooming again...hopefully this Lauren's Grape will make it to maturity.This is the first sunflower bloom of all season. Needless to say, we'll be lucky to participate in the Great Sunflower project at all this year, as our Lemon Queen sunflowers aren't up yet, and the number of bees are dwindling.

The summer squash are just starting to take off.

This bush last week was about half this size.
The first of the cosmos are blooming in the tomato bed now
and the borage is almost done.

The ears of corn are just starting to come on
we'll be lucky should we get an ear or two.

The brussels are just starting to fatten up
in time for the slugs to eat them. Grrr.

I tried my hand at growing winter greens (their pictures would be above), but it seems it must be best to plant them from starts rather than seed for two reasons: the cats can't stand to leave a freshly raked and planted patch of dirt unsoiled in the Fall and the slugs get what sprouts do come up. I've got a couple rows of onion seedlings coming up, but i've no hopes for the kale or the lettuces.

And just as the Scarlet Runner beans were blooming,
it got so cold that the hummingbirds left.
I am hoping these pods will leave me with mature beans to save for next year.
Ah. Next year. I don't want the gardening to be over with before we've even had a chance for more than a couple handfuls of lettuce and a handful of cherry tomatoes from the garden. However, it seems Mother Nature has her own ideas.
We'll see what next gardening season brings.
Will it be enlarging this space?
Or tending 10 acres somewhere?
Lord only knows.

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