Monday, May 30, 2011

The Day In Which I Felt Like a Rockstar and Then Unfelt Like One

Sheesh.  Just when you think life is trending upward...

I was feeling like such a rockstar today. 

We walked through the garden center this morning, and i didn't buy one thing (even though the poppies were begging me to take them home before they parished at the hands of the new summer help at the local one stop shop.)

I developed a funky idea for my entry into the stitch-a-long this month.

I think i kicked the sickness that has been threatening to take me down.

I read the entire new Maeve Binchy book in one day.

I experimented cooking a whole chicken on the barbie today, and i think it worked wonderfully.

We knocked out the yard work in one and a half days--a new record, undoubtedly.

And we came up with a new idea for a covered garden bed using materials we had on hand.

That's where it all went wrong.

We had these left over posts from fencing off the garden from the chickens last year.  The were just about the right height to pound in and throw Reemay over.  Pausing for a moment, i was considering just how much i spent for this stuff and thought it might be nice to get a few years out of it.  :)  All the wind battering it against the ragged post edges may mean it wouldn't last a season.  So we thought tennis balls might help cushion the blow.  We were slashing tennis balls with a box cutter and yeeow!  Moose sliced the tip of his thumb open.  It's still bleeding, but we are hoping a trip to the ER isn't needed.  He's keeping it elevated and his nurse-aunt was kind enough to come up to take a look at it--her diagnosis is that she thinks he'll live.

I feel just awful though...

Me and my *big* no good ideas!

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