Monday, May 16, 2011

Today We Planted

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are about to set a record or two.  Of course, they aren't distinctions that anyone ever really wants.  Just ask the farmers effected by the *historic* flooding on the Mississippi.  However, compared to that, our problems seem petty and ridiculous.  But problems we do have.  A MASSIVE pocket of cold air is parked below AK, and it is affecting our weather patterns so that, 1. we will set a record for how long it's taken this season to reach high's of 70 degrees, and 2, we received almost all of our May rain totals in just one storm today.  Hooray?!?

So, i'm thinking a wise woman would plant another bed of snap peas and lettuce, and sit back and enjoy the rest of the gardening season, eh?  Alas, i'm a gambling girl, so i purchased 4 tom plants this weekend.  And as a little side note regarding that--for the love of Pete, if you are a Western WA gardener, please be advised you have no business putting those tomato plants out in your garden until mid-June, unless you erect a heated greenhouse over them!!  They simply cannot stand temps below 50 degrees...and if you make them, they throw a fit like a teenager who's just been asked to go with their parents to a drive-in movie.  Seriously, i think if you look close enough, you could see their little tomato eyeballs rolling back inside their heads!!  I've heard some people say that they've planted their 2nd round of tomato plants already this year.  Ei yi ei--what a waste!  They'll be planting a 3rd or 4th by the time our climate can sustain a tom, that's for sure.

Yesterday, Moose and i braved the showers (as his uncle put it, it was raining so hard here today, a person could have drown while walking outside) and planted up some of our beds. 

24 Early Snoball cauliflower

4 Calabrese broccoli (these starts were so leggy, i decided it'd be better to feed the lot of them to the chickens--at least they'll produce eggs.)  :)

2 Red Russian kale

3 lbs Yellow Finn potatoes
2 lbs Red Cheiftain potatoes

& 2 volunteer chive plants.

Left to put in the ground this week are 8 Copenhagen cabbage and 3 Rainier strawberry plants.  And chard, radish, and lettuce seed. 

And we'll be babying our tom plants indoors with some new pots (you can re-pot them now if they are getting to tall--builds extra roots) and we'll be giving them "tanning treatments" with our desktop fluoresent lamp.

How does your garden grow?  Hoping it's sunny somewhere!!

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