Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Am I Crazy?

No doubt, it is a relief for our country and the world to have Osama bin Laden's reign on Earth over.  However, in following the amazing news of the past couple of days, when i see the pictures of Americans cheering while wearing Old Glory draped around their neck, i confess to feeling a bit squeamish.

Am i crazy, or is it really wrong to celebrate someone's death, even if they have proven themselves as a highly dangerous religious terrorist that has orchestrated numerous attacks that have killed many innocents?  An occasion for relief?  YES!  But still, shouldn't it be a solemn event?  And obviously our government thought so as well, or why would we have respected the Muslim burial law and buried bin Laden within the 24 hours mandated by that law? 

Instead of celebrating, i think i'll choose to keep those touched by such a tragic and misguided figure of history in my prayers.  Sadly, he was someone who's reach was wide--not just because of the death and injuries he caused or the souls he brainwashed for his personal vandettas, but also for the mark of his tainted and twisted Muslim extremism that has unfortunately left a scar on one of the world's majour religions that has some of the most beautiful and peaceful people among its followers.

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  1. I feel the same way. I could not be happier he is dead and gone, nor could I be any happier at how it was accomplished. And I was touched by the spontaneous singings of the National Anthem. But I think squeamish is a good way to put it - you can understand the sentiment, but maybe not be comfortable with how it's expressed.


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