Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Little Redecorating

While we are languishing for the home of our dreams, i've come to discover that i can't stand blank walls anymore! 

So last month, i started tackling projects that i'd like to do...that would also be needed at the next residence. 

One of the more important projects also coincided with something i had been meaning to do for Cookie for homeschooling--develop and frame pictures of her immediate family; Cookie calls it "family tree style".

And we have the perfect place for it in our current hallway between the kitchen and the bedrooms. 

We are in the middle.

Next to Moose are Cookie's grandparents.  The top is his parent's wedding day in 1966 (with his granddad in the background.)  Moose's dad past away about 20 years ago, so we have another picture of Moose's mom and her current hubbie of 14 years.  Every since Cookie was a tot, we've told her she's very lucky to have 5 grandparents--she caught on right away, knowing that Grandpa Moose was up in Heaven looking out for her.

Next to me, is what Cookie and i call the World's Coolest Wedding Picture. :)  This is my parent's wedding picture from 1969. 

                                             Next to Moose's parents are his grandparents. 
                                    On the left are his dad's parents, and the right his mom's.

              Then there's my family.  My mom's parents on top and ....

a picture of 4 generations of my dad's family: my dad as a kid, his poppa and great grandmother and mom.  Cookie enjoyed figuring out that the woman in the middle of the picture was her great-great-great grandma. 

Now, since Cookie is starting her correspondance with her grandparents, to learn all about how they grew up (i am hoping it is a project that not only helps her get to know her grandparents better, but also so she is comfortable enough with them to ask them about their experiences in life or thoughts on subjects that we start learning out in modern history in a couple years.)  Now, too, when some replies with a story about their parents or ... she'll be able to look and see who that person is.

We have a little extra room, so we're thinking we will add on more. 
Especially after we complete this history curricullum, then i think we will move on to genealogy for our "history".  Moose's family is pretty new to America compared to mine, so we'll be learning all different types of history of countries and such in a short amount of time.

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