Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday = Garden Tour

It's been continues to be a long winter...
but atleast things are blooming enough to usher in the return of a central part of this blog....

Tuesday Garden Tours!

It's exciting out there this year, however along with the good is a very concerning issue.
We've been so cold, we've seen absolute zippo bees out in the yard.  Well, except for one day a couple weeks ago we saw one.

Last year at this time, the raspberries were a virtual beehive!

On to the good news...
i planted this peony 3 years ago, and it is growing its first flower bud.

The poppies are readying to flower!
 As are the chamomile.  Hi little ladybug!
 Just to the left here are the Cheiftain taters.  Below is the cole family bed.

And more tater trenches.  They bracket the garden.

The spinach is coming along nicely.
 All the blueberry bushes are flowering...however without any bees.  :(

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