Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alphabet in August

Alphabet in August
photo by Susy Morris of Chiot's Run
 If you have not dicsovered Chiot's Run, grab your elevenses and have a look-see.  You will be awestruck with Susy's breathtaking photography, simplicity, and gardening inspiration. 

This month, she is playing a little game called Alphabet in August, where if you care to join along, you will think of words inspired by the letter of the day that describe you and share them with the audience.  It's one of those "Get to Know You" sorta deals.  And you don't have to have a blog to join--you can visit Susy's posts and leave your contributions in the comments.  (Also a good idea to comment there to let her and the rest of us know you are participating in the fun.)

Cookie's Drawing: Alpaca, albatross, and alligator

Today is brought to you by the letter "A".  Which could be many things for me--good and bad. :)

* acerbic * - thanks to my medical training and lack of patience most days, i tend to have an acerbic attitude.  Especially when trying to get things done by others who don't accomplish the task the same way i would.  It's not a trait i'm proud of....

* adept * - not that things come easy to me, but i do like to learn many skills (that most consider hobbies) and become as adept at them as i can.  someday i hope to acclaim that i am an adept sock knitter, quilt maker, and seamstress.

* adroit * - clever or skillful.  That's me.  After my second cup of coffee when i've have a day by myself to think. :)

* affable * - when i am at my best, i am very good natured and friendly.  Something that is very easily stifled in this big city of ours.

* American * - something that is becoming more and more uncomfortable for me to admit.  However, all current political theatre aside, there is a lot of inspiration to be had from the early Americans and their vision to build this country (the way they envisioned with many diverse ideas co-existing in a big ol' melting pot o' goodness and decency) and the era of the Conservation Corps and FDR.  If only we could find more people distracted less with their ridiculously lavish lifestyles, mistresses, corporate interests, and re-election and more in touch with the concepts of how to restore prosperity to our neighbours and regain a sustainable vision for our country.

What words that begin with "A" describe you best?

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