Monday, August 8, 2011

Letter E

* epicure * - i love finding new foods and new recipes.  cooking is so much fun!

* eccentric & eclectic * - sometimes i surprise people with my quirky disposition

* effervescent * - when i am relaxed and refreshed from a vacation or visit with my parents

* Eucharist * - He fulfills me and restores my weary soul

* etiquette * - maybe because in my old age i am becoming a curmudgeon, however i am getting to be a real stickler for etiquette in these last few years...and not this West Coast nonsense that passes for manners.  I'm talking good ol' traditional stuff:  saying hello when you make eye contact with someone, humility, politeness, aware of your surroundings.  And one of my numero uno's:  for the love of all that is good and holy, pleeeease wear clothes that cover yourself and your under-thingies!

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