Friday, August 19, 2011

The Letter J

jig - i can dance it.  For a little while i studied Irish dancing.  It's very confusing to me...something that needs to be a sole focus for me to really grasp.  Unfortunately....    It is a ton of fun though and a great workout!

jovial - usually, particularly when we have quiet days that don't require us to do anything but enjoy each other's company.

jammer - i looooove making jam!

Jennifer - my real name, however since there are sooooooo many of us i usually never answer when called by it, which annoys my friends to no end.  Why you may ask?  In college, someone thought they'd be funny and put practically every Jennifer on campus on one dorm floor.  Out of 24ish girls, we had 17 Jennifers living all in the same space.  Hence why, i'm Whit. :)  P.S.  Hi MacD!! (yup, another Jennifer.) :)

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  1. Hi. Just making the rounds and reading your alphabet entries. You have some great J's. I laughed out loud when i read about all the Jennifer's in yoru dorm. No way. That is just hysterical. Really? How odd is that. Great J! Emily


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