Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Letter G

* gift of gab * - see Blarney Stone; it's a fine line between this and being a gasbag.

* gardener *  - i think i've always been one.  My parent's used to have a small garden when i was growing up in AZ.  We have okra, peppers, and tomatoes.  Citrus trees.  My mom planted flowers by the gazillions.  And dad planted a few pine trees.  Once i moved out on my own, i tried my hand a container gardening in my apartments and such.  Now i'm branching out into trying to grow year-round.

* geek * - i was a bit geeky before it was cool to be one. :)

* German * - my second language...

* godmother * - to one sweet and cuddly little boy who is a hoot and a half!

* gloomy * - with the steady downward spiral of culture and decency in our area, my gloomy meter is off the charts.  It's a bit more than a downer now to see new bikini baristas opening in our area, read of more women panhandling themselves about a mile from neighbourhood (even the university athletes alledgedly get in on the action), and last but not least, i'm sure, the lastest in gang turf wars  in our neighbourhood.  The handwriting has been on the wall for a long time, i suppose.  No one wants these activities in their city, but instead of pushing them out for another city to handle, i wonder why no one is willing to help these individuals?!?  And with that realisation, that makes me even more sad.

* gullible * - true confessions:  in high school once, friends in class were foaming at the mouth with ideas about things.  Somehow, the subject was raised that i was gullible and all eyes were fixed on me for my reaction.  Not knowing what that was, i gave a non-chalant "thank you".  Unfortunately, that solidified the label, i suppose. :) 
What G words describe you?

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