Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today is Brought to You by the Letter ... C

Cows, crocodiles, cats & chickens
 * chicken keeper * - i love those crazy biddies.  They are such fun and rewarding pets. 

* cat lover * - i also love felines of any kind.  They are so playful.  Our current cat is Sandwich.  She is a lil' lover of a cat...sleeps all night curled up in the nape of my neck.  Unless it is hot.  Thank goodness! 

* copper * - my favourite colour.  My dad also used to be a copper miner, so i have to give props to the industry that helped him provide for his family, eh? :)  It's also the colour of my hair.

* curvaceous * - with every passing month, i am becoming more curvaceous, thanks to changes in my eating behaviours.

* Catholic * - i converted to Catholicism ten years ago.

What "C" words describe you??

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