Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wait!! This Week Wasn't Supposed to be Busy!

Proving once again that it helps when i "X" out dates on the calendar...
These last two weeks were supposed to be our "at-home" vacation.  Nothing to do.  No dance classes.  No school.  No dates.  We were going to leisurely pack for vacation, pack up some boxes to get us closer to moving, bake, do crafts, visit with our friends, and have fun. 

Well, the realisation that we will have obligations over the next four weeks has hit like a ton of bricks.  That means we need to cram in family time, as Cookie and i will be leaving Moose alone for a week.  And we needed to visit the zoo before the Scoop on Poop exhibit goes away (gross sounding, i know, but it was very educational!)  Loose ends of school need to be tidied up before Cookie leaves for Grands Camp. :)  Today, our favourite kindie band is playing downtown, so we have no excuse not to grab Moose from his office and head off for a free concert and picnic in the park. 

Ei yi ei!
Thankfully i have the silly Cookie to keep me in good spirits
And tomorrow is free for all the "leisurely packing".  Sheesh!

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