Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today is Brought to You by the Letter.....B

Words that describe me that start with B are:

* baker * - over the past year or so, i've really been going gangbuster with the baking skills.  I've learned to make puff pastry, a decent pie dough, and numerous other delights in the form of cakes or cookies.  Motivation?  It helps not only to be a dessert-a-holic, but also on your church's Funeral Ministry when they call you looking for food contributions for the receptions.  That way, you can count on baking once every couple weeks, but not have to incur the calories. :)

* belly laugh * - one of my favourite things to share with loved ones in the whole wide world.

* boisterous * - noise, lively, high-spirited...on my good days.

* bibliophile * - a book collector, especially when it comes to old cookbooks.

* Blarney Stone * - my gift of gab came from here...supposedly when i kissed it on our Honeymoon. :)

* Beerleg * - the best "B" word of all is Beerleg.  He was a fabled rattlesnake that my dad and i made up one day during conversation years and years ago.  We can't really remember why (damn the family forgetfulness trait!!), however we do remember we laughed until we cried over him.  I even drew a picture of him.  If i can find it while i'm cleaning up around here, i'll update this post with a picture.

What "B" words describe you best??

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