Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Different Kinda Hatchling...

Woke up this morning to find something exciting had happened overnight.

Where there's these,

you can expect to see this:

The best part is that this poppy is planted in the flower bed by the guest room window, so when my parents and family come next week, they'll be able to enjoy it. Maybe not this flower, per se, but one of the other friends it has next to it that is getting ready to bloom. Our Pope John Paul II rose is almost ready to burst too! O, please wait till June 1st!!

Sometimes i long for the days when this was as much excitement as we'd see around here till the tomatoes were ready to be picked. :o) The "Pre-Chicken Whit Days"* as it were.
*Hubbie and i have a little system worked out for putting events into the timeline of our lives. There was "Pre-Whit" or "Pre-Hubbie" days, before we knew each other, "Pre- or Post- Ri" days, before or after Ri was born. Sometimes i can't believe we ever had a life before chickens. :o)

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