Sunday, May 17, 2009


May i offer you a pen, Hon? I've got one here handy...

Need a staple or a piece of tape? Here they are right on top of the desk, Sugarplum.

Don't fret 'bout that mistake there, darlin', we've got some White Out here. Need anything else?
Scissors? Post-It's? Staple removed?

Do you hear that?? The office supply angels are singing--"Thaaaaat was EASY! That was EASY. That wah-uz E-Z!"

Oh joy, this is what it feels like to have a proper desk again! I'm as giddy as a grade schooler organising all her new school materials. I think Hubbie thinks i'm certifiably off my knob. I'm singing and dancing as i go through the house finding supplies that didn't have a proper home. You know the items: things like hole punches and staplers that don't truely belong in the rec room or my craft room. 14 gazillion + pairs of scissors that always grew legs and ran off and hid, hence the need to run to the store and by a couple pairs more, lest you think they multiply like bunnies on their own. Glue sticks that don't belong in the kitchen draw that also doubles as my tea drawer. Rubber cement that could be mistaken as an abused substance if someone had happened upon it in our bathroom drawers. :o)

And now that Hubbie has claimed the old computer table as his writing desk, it has been de-hutchified and banished to the bowels of the basement (aka the Rec Rm). (insert Vincent Price's "Thriller" laugh here!) He has invited "My" desk down to see "His" desk; my desk told him to have his desk's people contact my desk's people and they'd arrange lunch. "Maybe Friday?," i asked. "Nope, sorry, can't," he replied, "my desk is out of the office that day. He'll be back on Monday though."

Maybe we should have let the paint fumes on "my" desk disapate a bit more before we brought it in the house. :o)

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