Friday, May 29, 2009

The Promise of Summer

the blueberries are bursting...

the raspberries are taking shape...

strawberries are movin' right along...

and with the arrival of these...
Hubbie and i discovered a new, kid-friend exclaimation that doesn't require the use of soap applied orally afterwards:
"Bloomin' Lupines!"
(can be used as exclamtions of excitement or surprise and in all cases where other naughtier curse words may be appropriate.) :o)

And why do we feel the need to invent new, kid-friendly cursing?
Well, it's not because she isn't a good brooder, but we are very sad for our poor Mamacita. She sat and sat, but there are no babies to be had from the eggs we placed under her 3 weeks ago. We contacted the lady that so graciously gave them to us, just to see what our chances were if we let them go a little longer under her. She said they were slim to none...chickens are built to sit for 21days and chicks are built to hatch then too, like clockwork.
So Hubbie pulled Meringue out of her nest last night so we could get a look for pips in the eggs. No luck. One was totally smashed, so we were down to four eggs that have no sign of exit. We put her and the eggs down on the floor of the coop, and returned to the house to form a plan.
We decided that we are going to go purchase some chicks and try to sneak them under her in the darkness of night tonight. :o) Poor Mama. She's been sitting so long she's having trouble walking! We'll be masking off the other two hens out in the run and letting everyone get used to the new arrangement. It's pretty bittersweet, but i am sure once we hold those delightfully peepy little chicks in our hands again, that we will be cheered up in no time. :o)
Hope all the gardens are moving in the right direction--it'll be 'mater season before you know it!

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  1. We checked our WILD raspberries last night and they look pretty close to yours. Now if we can just get the mosquitos our of that area we will have it made.
    YUMMO for fresh raspberries.


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