Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fun Day of Thirfting...

Today, i thought i would check out our new St. Vincent de Paul's. It's got potential...especially if you are a bookworm! I found a hard to find book about Seattle called Sons of The Profits, which is make a very nice gift for someone one day, i know. It's my favourite historical account of the way Seattle was settled by the white man. I also found a Dining With the Duchess--Weight Watchers and Sarah of York. I love her! When i was in high school, we had German exchange students. When you are picking who you would like to match up with, you scour over the applications submitted to the teachers. My partner, now my dear friend, was sharing with me when we finally met that they all thought i look like Sarah of York. How flattering, eh? So i've always had a special soft spot in my heart for her. And now reading the cookbook she wrote, i like her even more...she eats exactly like i do, but can never find the simple and yummy low cal recipes for. Can't wait to dive into that cookbook next week for grocery lists.

Then i found this... (sorry about the cat...she's cramming for the final.) :o)

for $3. Its a Catholic Family Bible from 1953. The kind a bride and groom receive on their wedding day. I wish we didn't have one already, however i am thinking that it would be good to use this now and then give to my daughter when she marries (in 30 years!) :o)

This is the first page after you open the cover! This is better stained glass than we have in our church!

I absolutely love it! It reminds me soooo much of the Book of Kells with all the beautiful drawing and lettering in it.

Here's another one of the gorgeous pictures printed throughout the book. It's like Art History 102 all over again!

After St. Vinnie's, i had a little time to kill before picking up Ri, so i headed to my favourite antique (thrift) shop.

I found this little dolly high chair for Ri's "kitchen". Hoping i can comission a tray top for it from Poppa.
Found this cute apron...cause who can't use more aprons?!? (BTW, Patti, i wanted to let you know the kid's at Ri's school loved the apron you made me. I wore it for R day where they need to share something that has the r sound in it. They picked out 3 R's: apRon, Ric Rac, and Ruffle)

These two embroidered pieces were too hard to resist--especially at a buck a piece.

And the first time i'd ever seen pink Mason jars. I love Mason jars to drink out of. Especially because there is usually a large supply not in use right now. They'll look especially great on my new tablecloth (seen below.)


  1. Wow, what a fun day! I'm slightly jealous of your finds.

    We have a big family Bible too, but it's the King James version. It was a wedding gift, and I suppose my in-laws didn't know the difference. I've always wanted a Catholic version instead, but couldn't really see having two or getting rid a very well-meant gift. Oh well, I could always pick one up like you did sometime!

  2. Hopefully you'll be able to find a Catholic version someday! Or maybe for a special anniversary?

    I am relatively new to Catholism, so i am not certain that this version i found yesterday is still valid. It's printed before Vatican II. Would you happen to know?


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