Thursday, May 14, 2009

Like Cheese For Whipped Cream

My daughter would eat whipping cream for days and days on end. This is a trait she inherited neither from me or her father.

So when we have a yummy cottage cheese pancake or french toast "breakfast for dinner", she's usually inquiring where the whipping cream is to top her feast. We aren't fond of aerosolised whipping cream, and if we make homemade, there is usually a lot that ends up being wasted. I usually try not to have it around unless it is a very special occasion.

Forgetting that Mom's Day would be a day that would warrent w.c., i didn't think to include it on the grocery list. So when time came to eat the pancakes Ri and Hubbie made me, my heart lurched. Oh boy, Ri's going to wonder where the w.c. is. Scouring the fridge, all i could find was marscapone cheese and half and half. Then i had an idea!

If you beat a couple drizzles of half and half (2 tsp. into 1/4 cup) into the marscapone cheese, you end up with something visually resemembling whipped cream. But taste-wise, i wasn't sure how it was going to go over.

Ri ate two *ginormous* helpings. Hubbie even commented on it's tastiness. I love it for it's lack of sugar (and sugary sweetness) and it's protein. And the for the fact that when you eat a dinner that is "cheesy", kids seem to go to bed easier that night! :o) Like when adults eat too much turkey. :o) It's tasty on choco-orange brioche french toast. It's even super-tastier with fresh strawberries (which is how you should use your marscapone cheese in the first place.) :o) It has a certain tangy milk sweet's just wonderful and creamy! I know this is what we'll be using for "whipped cream" in our house from now on! Maybe next time your recipe requires w.c., you'll give it a try too.

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