Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Signs The Season Is Moving Forward....

Here are some images from around the yard...Spring is still moving (just not transitioning as fast as we'd like it to):

This is the section of the "jungle" in the backyard. There is a little white pine we transplanted from Idaho and lots of wildflowers. Is there anything sweeter than a field of forget-me-nots?

The poppies are about to burst!

The Alpine Tulips are flowering and turning to seed--if anyone reading this would like some seed this summer, just email me and i can send you some.

The delphenium/floxglove-esque looking plant in the photo below is intriguing. I haven't planted anything that looked like that here next to this lavender. So i am wondering if it is the wild foxglove native to our state? It's stems are very hairy...but the leaves don't really look like a foxglove's to me.

The alpine strawberries have awakened and are flowering again. Yippee! These little gems are our favourites in the summertime! Yummy!

And the sweet peas i planted last month have sprouted and are growing right along.

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  1. Lovely garden!



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