Monday, May 11, 2009

"Watch Yer Step"

is a familiar phrase heard 'round the country; even around the world.

It's a forewarning at construction sites.

Intuitive nature on hiking trails.

Self preservation if you're wearing your really good sneaks at the off leash dog park.

Uttered by mom's and dad's everywhere when their children run out into the cow pasture.

Creates *LOADS* of anxiety during those fierce and long icy wintry months, especially dependant on your age and the steepness of the incline. :o)

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it has an entirely grosser meaning all it's own (well, maybe it's a close tie for grossest when it comes to doggy droppings or this.)

This disgusting specimen is the nemisis of *all* fancy shoe wearers and gardeners in the PNW:
The Pacific Banana SLUG!
I was out at the chicken coop this morning hand feeding Mamacita a new little grain mix i came up with when i *barely* "just in time" spotted this guy crawling across the path to the coop. I was in an "i love my chicken" trance, and totally didn't expect this slimy villian to snap me out of it. He easily measured 3/4th the size of my shoe (US men size 10). I shudder to think of all the lettuce he would consume if i had any in my garden right now. Had i stepped on him, i think i would have been stuck to the ground perminently. :o) Okay, maybe not, but for sure i would have known how Bill Murray felt while he was filming Ghostbusters!

Walking back to the house, i also encountered this mom...

with her baby not far behind

on the rockery steps leading up to my front door.

Not quite the welcome mat you'd like to leave out for your guests, but if it helps keep the solicitors away...?!

Then in the (weedy) planting area around my rock stairs, i found two more cousins! UGH!

(bottom left and top right corners)
Since the rain started yesterday afternoon, we have been taken over by these slimeballs. You see usually calm neighbours taking a nice morning stroll on the street and all of a sudden they break into what looks like someone practicing a triple lutz. :o) This morning on the way to school, Ri and i saw a world reknowned yellow banana slug that was actually the size of a medium banana.
So if you know anyone in the PNW, and you haven't heard from them in a few days, you might want to check to make sure they haven't been slimed. **shudder**

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