Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gifts from the Garden: Saturday, 8.15.09

The corn is putting on tassels (good weather, please hold on for 15 more days!!!)
I am hoping this works, because this is a new kind of corn we are trying
to short season climates--only 65 days till maturity.
Garden Huckleberry (Nightshade) volunteers from last year

Roma toms comin' right along

This was a little volunteer tom from last year's plants.
I hope it's another Roma--i want to make lotsa pasta sauce this Fall.
When we left for the beach it was only about 2 inches high, now it's at least a foot!

Ri's carrots finally sprouted
A few zucchinis are starting to fill out--this year, my plants have been plagued by powdery mildew like nobody's business!

First of the pumkpins to turn...wondering what to do with this baby?!
We usually grow them just for October displays, but now....
Maybe some roasted? I wonder if we should leave it till it gets cooler.

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