Monday, August 10, 2009

Ponderin' Projects

This'll be just a little stream of conscious note to self.

Feel free to skip it; or read it and rejoice in laughter and thankfulness that you aren't plagued by the psychoses i exhibit frequent.

This kitchen re-organization do-over has got the old wheels a spinning. Hear that speaking? And as i am not one of those "buy it off the shelves, just like it is and bask in the glory of it's perfection" kinda girls, it of course involves power tools, trips to a few different stores, and quite possibly spray paint. Egad! Now you know i really mean business, eh?

As every worthwhile project begins in my home, so does this one: with a consultation with my Pop. A few years ago, he made this perfect little wooden crate for me that included some great gifts from him and my mom that they got at their craft fairs.

I repurposed it into a cookie sprinkle caddy.
(True be told, they look a heck of alot better than those Diprivan box cartons that i saved from work after restocking the IV room all day. They are the same size/style fo the wooden crate, just in white cardboard form. Yucky! And of course, now they have a stigma associated with them, because of MJ's death. It's probably like using old blasting powder cartons as moving boxes. People see those things nowadays, and they'll turn you into the State Po-lice. Which reminds me of a good bumpersticker i saw the other day: "The Patriot Act: Preserving Your Rights By Taking Them Away".)
I disgress....

The crate is simple enough in it's design.

I'm almost certain it would be something he could teach me to make. After all, you know the old addage: give the girl a groovy little box, she'll be able to find 1 thing; teach her to make groovy little boxes and she will rule the world! (ahem) Rather, her cabinets will be so orderly.

Leaning toward the Ikea Droppar spice jars --they are similar in size to the sprinkle containers.

These little guys are 2 inches in diameter, meaning that if i made them 10 to 12" long, i could get a fair amount of spices contained. And compared to the plastic lidded glass jars at $2.19 ea. i saw at our "one-stop shop", these $2.99/pair are a steal! Woot!

Will definitely need to invest in some slim masking tape and a grease pencil to label each jar appropos.

Also, i am on the look out for some nice Flour/Sugar containers. Would love to find some vintage ones, but fear i haven't the patience, nor the stomach for that. Who know's what the previous owners' habits were like. Blech!

Rather, am thinking if i could find something glass, like these spice containers, they'd be great washables "after each use"!

Main objectives for the flour/sugar containers:

can it fit 5 lbs? can my 2 cup measure easily fit in and out of it?
if i ever start purchasing bulk bags of flour, are they easy to find many and/or affordable?
does it have a silicone or rubber gasket on it to keep the mealy bugs out?

5 stars to the lid that can be painted an attractive robin's egg blue colour!!


Does Fiestaware make any crocks bigger than what we saw that the ocean? Fiesta makes some really snazzy looking turquoise and cobalt blue canister, that would go with our Fiesta bowls we got from our wedding reg. Decisions, decisions.

Such dilemmas of the home engineer, eh???

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