Monday, August 24, 2009

Starting Another Project...

You know "shiny ball syndrome", eh? I've got it bad!

my first granny square

red heart's blueberry pie

This past Spring, i picked up this great color of Red Heart yarn (blueberry pie) with the intention of making a lovely crocheted curtain in a seashell pattern from the book, Vintage Crochet. After a few modifications for a bigger window opening and 15 crocheted rows, i could tell this was not going to work for Ri's room. So i bagged the project, but keptthe yarn, thinking we could use it for something.

Soon after, i saw a post on House on Hill Road about her beautiful granny square throw she was making and i was intrigued. I knew i would try making a granny square blanket with this "Blueberry pie" yarn. I just didn't know what i would do to make the square fascinating.

Tonight, while cruisin' the aisles at the store, i found what i think will work--just need to find the right combinations: i love that heather grey with the blueberry.
I came home and made my first granny sq. immediately using this tutorial from The Purl Bee.
Not certain i like the blue with it...maybe in the right ratio it would work better. If it were the last round, it might be better. I think maybe the first two rounds i will try in the blueberry colour, then grey, then the blue. I definitely think the blueberry pie and the blue colour crocheted in rounds together does nothing to enhance the look--too similar. Maybe what would be best is a grey center, blueberry, more grey and then blue?
I'll be playing around with this the next few days, trying to decide which looks best and then start crocheting away.
Maybe i'll have a little poll on which granny sq. looks best. :o)
Hope you all have a great week!

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