Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Took The Plunge

Yesterday, Ri and i set out for Ikea.
When you get a bug about Ikea, you gotta go quick.

Seattle is an Ikea kinda town--3400 sq foot houses are built with such little bedrooms, little dining rooms, and thousands of cabinets in the kitchen--Ikea's just the place to find furniture that fits, and millions of things to fill though cabinets.

It's also a place that everyone goes too when it rains.

Today, it rained for the first time in 4 weeks--HA! Take that you rumour that "Living in Seattle is like living in your shower all year long!" :o) Well, that's overstating it a bit. But Quillyute, WA, that's a place that knows what it's like to live in your shower!

Anyhoo, we procured 20 of the spice bottles and a bigger version of the style for my baking soda that i buy in bulk.

and some nice heirloom tomatoes from the grocery, as you can see.

And we got a few other things that weren't on our list--a nice wooden shelf from the kitchen section for Riona's room. We need to get her dresser top cleared of the sports trophies so she'll have room for her boom box A&P got for her. We got her some nice wooden hangers--kid's sized--to hang up her nice coats.

Then i found this and...

i had to restrain myself
(look familiar? see what i mean about Seattle being an Ikea kind of town!)
I only purchased one (these babies could break the bank, especially if you bought their embroidered lampshade counterparts!) Now i am wishing i would have gotten another at least--i think they would look so wonderful in our bedroom--i love that slightly Spanish vibe. It reminds me of the desert.

We were in the store a whole 2 hours, and it seems like all Ri and i said to each other was, "Hey, look at that! It's the (fill in the blank) from the beach house!" ;o)

After we settled in at home, i started testing out my jars--filling them with numerous duplicate bags of thyme, cloves, and cumin seeds. My only complaint: the tops don't screw on. They have a silicone gasket inside the stainless lid that closes down on the glass. Not ideal, sure, because the first time someone unknowingly lifts one by the lid...whoopsy daisy, there goes all your parsley all over the floor. Lord, may it please be something as cheap as parsley!! :o) But i think once i get them in a fabulous little wooden crate, it'll be easier to pick up the whole shee-bang.

I've also changed my original thinking--i am thinking of round labels now...on the tops. Maybe it could work? I'll have to investigate!
But first, my pea brain needs to remember the idea Ri had for an embroidered pillow for her room. She *hearts* dolphins, so we talked about making a felt pillow sham, with a reverse applique of a dolphin, starfish, and maybe some kelp or something. Stitching those pieces of fabric on the felt to cover the holes might be a good way for her to learn the running stitch. Have to make sure the pillow is small enough though--i don't think she's have the patience or the stamina to do a sham for her sleeping pillow.

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