Saturday, August 8, 2009

Signs, Signs, Everywhere...

The best thing about travelling to me is all the different signs you'll see when you're sightseeing.
This sign was on the Chance a la Mer beach in Ocean Shores.
Here you are able to drive parts of the beach right next to people playing in the surf and riding horses. I know, us West Coasters are crazy loons, cause who would drive on a beach?
This sign is at the entrance to the Moclips-Pacific Beach Hwy--a bypass of sorts on the shore between the two towns. Drivers have the option of HWY 109 or this beach hwy.
Hubbie would only let me drive 5 m.p.h.---party pooper!

This sign is on the military housing that is still left over from the decommissioned Naval base from WWII. the housing they rent out to Navy families, the bunker facilities are used as a family retreat for returning officers, and the buildings left on the "base" are now the convention center for the town. I'd like to stick one out in front of my yard--maybe it would keep the blueberry bandits away. :o)

Found this sign (and a book) in the Wacky Warehouse--it's like a thrifted seconds seaside Walmart, if you can imagine that.

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