Monday, August 10, 2009

Space....The Final Frontier

Well, nothing like a trip to the beach that helps put things in prospective. Nothing that we didn't know already, but...
our house is too full of lots of Junk with a capital J.
So i think a fire has been lit. Hubbie woke up yesterday morning, went through the pile of receipts (dating back to last summer--Egad!) in our bedroom, the kitchen, & desk and burned them. He started working on the hedge out front. Helped Riona clean up toys in the living room and go through some of her old paperwork from school last year.

I weeded a row of the corn (funny how people will steal your blueberries, but no one weeded for you.) :o) Did a little unpacking. And something struck me to start cleaning out cabinets. I hope i don't get sidetracked on this project because they really need it--especially if we're ever gonna move! I got the canned and jarred goods cabinet cleaned--oldest thing pitched? 5 cans of cream of chicken soup with an expiry date of Sep 10 2007. I think those were purchased the time we had our massive windstorm in 2006 and we were without power for 4 days just before Christmas. I remember heading out the morning after our power went out trying to find canned goods. Goes to show, only stock up on things you will eat even after the power comes back on. Ha!
aah...that's better!

now for the spice cabinet!

sheesh, what a disaster!

any idea of some nice sized (smallish medium) spice jars?

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  1. The spice cabinet's a hard one for me too. I'll be looking forward to your solution! Sorry I don't have one for you. :)


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